Life is always better with confetti!

From white wedding dresses to exchanging rings there are plenty of wedding traditions we all enjoy, and throwing confetti all over the newlyweds is up there with the best. Here is a good explanation of the origins and tradition of confetti throwing

Now-a-days rice is bad for birds small tummy’s, paper is litter which must be cleaned up afterwards, glitter is bad for the environment, seeds encourage birds not to forage, Balloons with latex are not ideal for nature lovers. Whats left?

There is the obvious:

  • Bubble wands. Who doesn’t love a bubble wand?
  • Flower Petals are Biodegradable
  • Dried flowers of course
  • There are glow-sticks and sparklers which could get messy.
  • If its a beach wedding maybe some pre-collected (and cleaned) feathers.
  • Ribbons, Bells or Pom-Poms its up to you!
I’m a craft enthusiast with small children who love to get involved at every chance.
Here are just some of my resourceful suggestions:
  • Run some giant leaves through a paper shredder
  • Buy a heart shape hole punch from your local craft shop and go to town on your favourite Autumn coloured leaves
  • Become a paper-plane master and fold an air-force for your guests
  • Strip your herb garden bare… I know I wouldn’t mind a parsley leaf sitting on my shoulder… just don’t pick any chillis!
  • Loose leaf tea. Your favourite blend obviously!
  • Dandelions- Collect bunches and store very gently
  • Origami creatures made from fantastical patterned paper
  • One mans junk is another mans treasure – you could save puzzle pieces from landfill or decks of playing cards.
  • Get crazy with a dehydrator with citrus peels and other fruit (check out D.I.Y loose leaf tea)
Whatever you decide just make sure you swing it by your venue or council first!
As a pro confetti thrower myself a good tip is “throw high” so the photographer gets a lot of opportunities for good photographs!
For other hints and tips read through some of my blogs.  If you have a particular question you cannot find an answer to send me an email on my contact page.
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